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High Impact Financial Analysis and CDT examine state Charter School Landscapes

Volume 1 | Issue 4: Colorado

We are delighted to share with you the latest issue of “State Scans: Charter School Markets Across the U.S.” The purpose of these reports is to provide lenders and investors that support the financing needs of charter schools with the context they need to make informed credit and investment decisions.

CDT NJ State Scan Report

Download Colorado State Scan


The final 2018 issue focuses on the charter school landscape in Colorado.  Earlier reports are available here:

Volume 1 | Issue 3: New Jersey
CDT NJ State Scan Report
Download New Jersey State Scan

Volume 1 | Issue 2: California

Download California State Scan

Volume 1 | Issue 1: Tennessee

Download Tennessee State Scan


CDT’s Charter School Lending Program was developed to provide long-term financing for charter schools that have demonstrated the capacity to cultivate excellent teaching and learning.

Generally, the program seeks to serve schools with permanent financing needs of $7,000,000 or less. Larger loans will be considered. The program provides long-term, fixed-rate first
mortgage financing for existing charter facilities and forward commitments to purchase loans on new, to be built facilities upon construction completion.

Eligibility Guidelines

  1. Schools with strong academic performance as evidenced by standardized test scores that are consistent with the terms of the charter and that exceed those of the host district.
  2. At least one successful renewal of the initial charter.
  3. An experienced management team with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.
  4. Strong financial condition.
  5. Demonstrated operational capacity as evidenced by adherence to budgets and positive historical cash flow.

If you are considering applying for CDT financing and would like for us to do a pre-application analysis of your transaction, please forward the following information:

  1. Three years of operating statements and financial audits.
  2. Access to historical state testing results.
  3. Current budget.
  4. Copy of the original charter and subsequent renewals.
  5. Current enrollment by grade as well as current waiting list by grade.

Materials should be sent to Shelly Cleary, Senior Vice President, Charter School Finance.

The terms presented above are representative of CDT charter school financing; actual terms may vary according to specific project and borrower circumstances.

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